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As First Responders, there are certain expectations in our performance on the job. We train hard and drill often to be able to perform at our best when duty calls.  Whether it's hoofing over 100 lbs. of gear, or engaging in a spontaneous foot chase, we work out like our life depends on it...because it does. 

First Due Nutrition was founded by 2 NYC firefighters who bring a unique set of credentials to the fitness industry....

Kevin Kubler  is a retired firefighter, spending over 15 years with the FDNY Special Operations Command. He comes from a family of firefighters, with his father and two older brothers all working as fire fighters with the FDNY. He began working out at the age of 18 and has been involved in power lifting and bodybuilding for over thirty years. He has appeared in Flex magazine, the FDNY firefighters calendar, and several magazine ads for supplement companies. During his time in Special Operations, he recognized the need to be in peak physical condition to be able to perform his job at a high level. Today, with cardiovascular disease being prevalent in his family, he continues to train hard and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Vincent Hopkins has been an active New York City Firefighter and certified first responder since 2013.  Vincent worked in EMS for two years prior to joining the FDNY and was a volunteer fire fighter in Deer Park, NY for 12 years.  Vincent is a brown belt and instructor in stand up Jiu Jitsu and has been an avid power lifter for over a decade, training under the top New York State Starting Strength Coach. Being a first responder is in his blood.  Vincent’s father is a retired New York City detective and his brother, a former United States Marine, is a New York City police officer.  Being fit, strong and being able to perform at the highest level is essential to what he does in the FDNY.  Vincent believes the next level of performance can be achieved with the right supplements, combined with a healthy diet.